Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Overheard in the house this week #9:

We might just be having too much fun around here....

#3: (Overheard at the dinner table...)
T: "E-Bear, what did you do today?"
E-Bear: "We see baby Jesus!  At G-Bear's shool!"
Me:  "That's right, E-Bear, we saw baby Jesus in the manger outside of G-Bear's school today, didn't we?"
T: "And who else was there with him?"
E-Bear:  "Mawee an Daddy Joe-phus...."
G-Bear: "...and an ANGEL and SHEPHERDS and three KINGS and a CAMEL and Mommy Mary's Cow!"
T: "Mary's cow?  Did she ride a cow?"
G-Bear: "Um, maybe a camel.  Yes, I think it was a camel."
Me:  "Are you sure it wasn't a donkey?"
E-Bear: "Cow!"
G-Bear: "No, let me, I think it WAS a donkey, mommy, you're right."
T: "And did the kings bring baby Jesus presents?"
G-Bear:  "Yes!"
T:  "What presents did they bring?"

#2: (Overheard at bedtime)
G-Bear: "Mommy, next time we have a popcorn treat, can you give me a bowl instead of a plate?"
Me: "Sure, G-Bear."
G-Bear: "Because you gave me too much tonight.  My tummy is too full of popcorn."
Me: "Gosh, sweetie, I am sorry, next time you can have a little bowl."
G-Bear: "You have to remember, mommy, I am just a little girl.  I am not big like daddy.  I am stiiiiiill little."

#1: (Also overheard at the dinner table)
E-Bear: "Mommy!  More noodles, mommy, QUICK, more noodles!"
Me: "E-Bear, while I appreciate your enthusiasm over dinner, I need you to ask in a nicer way if you would like to have more."
E-Bear, pausing to think for a moment: "Mommy, RUN!  More noodles!  Run, mommy, run!"

(Editors note: At this point, T and G-Bear burst out laughing.  I did not run to the kitchen for more noodles, but appreciating the ardor of the request, I did get E-Bear seconds.)

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