Thursday, January 13, 2011

Neurology, week one

This week has already felt about as long as a neuro exam....and that is looooooong.

G-Bear and E-Bear always weather my first week back at work better than I do.  I don't enjoy starting new jobs, and during the clinical years of medical school we "start a new job" every 4-8 weeks.  Blah.  

The kids are having a great time with Miss R while I am away--I come home to happy, smiling, playful munchkins full of stories from their day.  And today I got home early enough to welcome G-Bear home from school and snuggle her into bed for a quick nap.  Before she fell asleep, she chattered on and on about her day at school, her time with Miss R, the kind of birthday cake she would like for her birthday when she turns four...... was like medicine for my soul.

This week I have especially enjoyed having Baby Bear tucked inside me.   Did we mention last month that we decided not to find out Baby Bear's gender?  T just can't stand spoiling a good surprise :).  So, s/he keeps me warm on my cold winter walk into the hospital, and now that Baby Bear is getting bigger, there are lots of big kicks and swiveling around, as if s/he is trying to keep me company, reminding me that there is excitement ahead, encouraging me that these last 9 weeks won't last forever.  What a blessing little ones are in our lives, even well before they are born.

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