Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doubly Blessed

If you happen to join us for dinner sometime soon, you won't have to worry about praying over your food at meal time.  My kids will be happy to do it for you......twice.  But, they will be happy to have you join in with them.

T likes to joke that our family is making up for all the times we have forgotten to bless our food before we eat it.  G-Bear and E-Bear currently have two favorite mealtime prayers, and they insist on saying both of them together as a family before we eat every meal.  Hopefully it isn't a reflection on my cooking ;)

Here are our kid's current favorites.  Hope we get to eat with you sometime soon and learn your favorite meal blessings!

The "New Prayer" 
(most recent addition, thanks to G-Bear's Sunday School)
Editor's note: many of you will find our family's title for this prayer amusing, because this prayer is certainly not new, nor is it in anyway original to our family.  But, it wasn't the prayer we started out with as a family, and we are enjoying it's "newness" in our lives these days.  It is super-cute to hear E-Bear and G-Bear's toddler voice version of it, especially when it comes to words like "bounty" and "receive":)

Bless us, oh Lord,
and these Thy gifts,
which we are about to receive,
from Thy bounty through Christ our Lord,

The "Singing Prayer"
(thanks to our cousins, who taught us this prayer when G-Bear and E-Bear were wee bears)
(to the tune of "Are you sleeping" without the repeats!)

God our Father, we thank you
for our many blessings,
Ah-men, Ah-men!

Like I said, doubly blessed!


B-Mama said...

I love your singing prayer and may have to include it in our mealtime prayers. Anything to get everyone's attention and bring us together IN UNISON would be awesome!! So cute!

Kristi said...

Caught a glimpse of your title and thought for a moment, "They're having twins!" Thought you might get a kick out of my initial reaction!