Monday, September 7, 2015

The Perfect Way to End the First Week of School.... with a four day weekend at MoMo's cabin.

The silver lining of an early school year start was a four day Labor Day weekend at the end of our first week of school.  I picked up the kids from school on Thursday, and we headed up with Papa early the next morning, leaving T to come up after the work day.  When we stopped at McDonalds for a speedy lunch, you would have thought I was granting the kids their greatest wish.

The weather was beautiful, and the fresh, northern lake country was just what we needed at the end of a long week.  

This was the Littlest Bear's second trip to the cabin (first trip was just two weeks before).  

He didn't mind the boat rides (the wind-swept look suited him well),

He enjoyed being out of the car and held all the time.

The kids played for hours on the beach,
collecting clams, shells, green lake blubs, and sticks.
Auntie Sharon and Uncle Carl treated us to steaks at their place on Saturday night so that T could watch the Alabama opener on their TV.  Yum.

On Sunday, we met friends for church, and then had them over for a morning of coffee and doughnuts, pontoon rides over the beach and swimming in the lake.  

What a treat!  
All the kids jumped off the pontoon to swim into shore together.  T and I were so excited to watch our tenderfooted Bears turn into hardened lake swimmer explorers over the course of the weekend.

On Monday, Papa took the Bears fishing off the end of the dock.  

When we only dug up 3 worms, leftover breakfast bacon proved to be ideal bait for sunnies.  Each of the kids caught a fish with each cast!  Everybody got to meet their fish before we released them back in the water.  Thank goodness Papa was there to take charge of getting the fish off the hook.  
That is something I just can not stomach.

 It was so hard to leave the cabin this time!  Thanks to MoMo, Papa, Auntie Sharon and Uncle Carl for making our time there so special and relaxing.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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A said...

I believed every word of this until I got to "leftover breakfast bacon." Leftover bacon? NEVER! :)