Friday, September 11, 2015

Boys Night Out

The same day that G-Bear and I got to go out for our Girls' Day Out, 
T was able to take E-Bear and Buddy Bear for a Boys' Night Out!   
It was a Friday night, and T was covering a local high school football game.  
The boys were over the moon with excitement to get to dress in their sports gear and join Dad on the sidelines for a game.  

T took the boys to McDonald's before the meal, for which the boys couldn't have been more excited.  They each got a monster truck in their Happy Meal, which only added to the euphoria.  During the game, the boys were so good for T.  They were mesmerized by the action and even memorized several of the players' names.  

 E-Bear and Buddy Bear are avid sports fans just like their Dad, and they felt so grown up being able to be on an outing just with him.  Even though it was late when the game finished, T decided to make the night extra special for the boys and capitalize on the fact that they hadn't yet had a treat.

So afterwards, T took the boys to Red Robin's for root beer floats.  Can you tell what the ultimate treat is for our family?!  Note the sign -- I love it!

The boys did tell me, though, as soon as they got home.  I am happy to say that I think they used sensible moderation and discretion and each had only float, but I was careful not to ask too many questions :)

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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