Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Snowmen

It is technically spring in Minnesota, but that doesn't mean we are done making snowmen.

This week, we enjoyed three inches of brand new snow.  The southern suburbs got ten inches!  Lucky ducks. :)  We made the most of the new fallen snow by making snowmen after school in our backyard.  I showed G-Bear how to roll a snowball around the yard to make it into a snowman, and she got really good at it.  By the time the kids and I were done, we had a village of five snow people. 

 J-Bear made sure that all the snowmen were sturdy enough not to fall over. 

We also had one snow dog, courtesy of Buddy Bear.  

E-Bear did a great job making sure each of our snow people had appropriate accessories. 

 This time of year, we know that the snow can't last too long, even in Minnesota.  That makes afternoons like this one so very special.  I felt like we were stealing one last day snow play day.  And if it snows again?  I'm okay with that too.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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