Monday, March 16, 2015

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

Is this a great idea or what?
One of our local theaters, the Ordway, hosted a free family event this weekend.

The event included several free arts activities and crafts, including Flamenco and Hip Hop demonstrations for kids, musical skits, mask making and an instrument craft.

Our kids' favorite was the "musical petting zoo."  We walked into a room filled with tables of instruments that the kids were encouraged to touch and try.  

G-Bear learned that you blow over, not into, the hole of a flute.  

Buddy Bear finally blew hard enough to make a sound with a trumpet.

J-Bear got to pound as hard as she wanted on a real drum.

E-Bear tried his hand at a real violin.

All three of the kids got a kick out of the Flamenco demonstration, and Buddy Bear ended on stage with the Hip Hop troop.  

We called it a successful family morning.  Thanks to the Ordway!  We'll be back next year!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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