Friday, February 13, 2015

Preschool Valentine Party

What do you do when your three year old feels left out of Valentine festivities?
When he is the only one without a classroom Valentine party?
When he is the only big sib not making a Valentine box?

"Mom, don't I get to make Valentines for my friends?"
"Will I get to have a Valentine box?"
"Mom, are we going to have a Valentine celebration?"

I did the only thing there was to do if I was going to be able to sleep at night:

"Well, of course, Buddy Bear!  We're having a preschool Valentine party with your friends HERE at our house!  We'll decorate Valentine bags, eat Valentine treats, sing Valentine songs and read Valentine stories.  Who are we going to invite?"

Take that.  Call me a sucker.  I love these kids.

So, I called the mothers of two three-year-old friends the night before and *begged* them to let me host their kiddos for a Valentine party the next morning.  Not that I had to twist any arms.  I think I was suddenly Friend of the Year.  Even more so when I offered to take a third friend from her mom this morning right before the party.  

And we did just what I promised.  Spare paper bags, stickers and markers were perfect for decorating Valentine Bags around the dining room table.  Fruit snacks and heart-shaped breads with jam and do-it-yourself-sprinkles made a great snack.  When playtime grew tiresome, we sat in a circle and read a few Valentine books, learned about God's love in 1 Corinthians 13 and then sang "Jesus Loves Me" all together.  Then it was time to make a few Valentines to put in our bags, hand out lollypops and erasers (already on hand from my treat cabinet) and head home.  

Too bad there aren't any pictures.  My hands were full, but thankfully, they were full of love.  Buddy Bear was so delighted with his treats and Valentine bag.  He was thrilled to get to share the news of his party with his siblings when they came home from school with their party stories.  I think it made the day great for both of us.  These preschool days go by so fast.  I need to seize each one.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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