Sunday, February 1, 2015

E-Bear's first tooth!

We have another tooth missing in our house, 

This time it is E-Bear's first tooth!

I once read in a storybook that "every lost tooth comes with its own story."  So true!  For my kids, each tooth lost has been a momentous event, which was no less the case for E-Bear's first.

I was at a baby shower when it happened yesterday, and I arrived home to E-Bear without a bottom tooth.  He recounted how he had been playing with Buddy Bear and G-Bear downstairs when all of a sudden there were tipping chairs, bonks in the mouth and his tooth was lost.  No, really, his tooth was lost!  No longer in his mouth, where could it be?  Fortunately, Daddy came to the rescue and joined the search.  The lost tooth was soon recovered on the basement floor.  Hooray!

Later that night, E-Bear's tooth was safe under his pillow. 
The next morning, he was delighted to find two shiny quarters in place of his tooth.  
Congratulations, E-Bear, on your first tooth.  We are so happy for you!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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