Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Heard Around the House, June 2014

E-Bear, after a playdate with a friend who is an only child:

"Mommy, I think I know why God made friends.  If someone is born and it is just them,
a friend can come and they will have someone to play with."

Buddy Bear, looking out the window on a long car ride:

*Sigh* "Mommy, sometimes I just like to look at the clouds."

J-Bear, ready for an early bedtime and waving to everyone as she's carried upstairs:


E-Bear, praying with T at bedtime:

"I am thankful that Buddy Bear is old enough to play play mobile with me."

G-Bear, whispering to T. 
They were admiring their newly planted grass along our boulevard, when a passerby walked off the sidewalk and trampled right over the grass in front of G-Bear:

"Daddy, that person just walked over the baby grass!"

"I know, G-Bear.  But it is more important to be kind to others than to have nice grass."

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