Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy 35th Birthday, T!

Somehow, I managed to surprise T for his 35th birthday last week.  I assembled seven close friends, planned an adults-only dinner, and managed to organize everything with a babysitter (thanks,  MoMo!) and the restaurant without him knowing.  Whew!  My heart was racing even as we walked into dinner -- I wanted him to be happily surprised!  And he was.  He was so surprised and so happy.

After a wonderful dinner, we all took turns toasting T.  Here is the toast I offered.  To my love, in Him, from her.

A Toast to My Dearest T, on the Occasion of His 35th Birthday
"Thirty-five things I love about you"

35.  Your fashion sense, which always outshines my own.
34.  Your dancing ability.  For a boy who grew up in a school where dancing wasn't allowed, 
you are impressive.  I am pretty sure I first held hands with you during a dance class.  I've loved dancing with you ever since.
33.  Your sense of adventure.  Whether flying in a trike, tandem biking, hitting Disney World or driving across California with all kids in tow, you're ready.  I love getting to be along for the ride.
32.  Your love of sports, especially all things Alabama.
31.  You are clean shaven (most of the time).
30.  You love your grandmother's cooking best, and you don't complain when I try my best but still can't quite make it right, the way she did.
29.  Your gift of giving gifts.  Whether a flower smile, a princess crown, an Indian cookbook or an awesome bike, your gifts are always well-considered, thoughtful, and generous.  You are a great gift giver.
28.  You are a DJ ability.  Your music is always the best and most fun to listen to.
27.  You are respected at work.
26.  You are loved by your patients.
25.  You come home happy everyday.
24.  You come home happy when I need you to come home.  And you can hear it in my voice.
23.  You love electronics.  I do not.  Our family benefits tremendously from your skills, and so do our children, who enjoy sharing electronics with you.
22.  You are good at resting.  I am not.  You help me rest, and you give our children a great example of restful relaxation.
21. You rarely loose your cool, as in, almost never.
20. You are patient with me and everyone else.
19.  You love the fairytales (whether part of a Disney World adventure or encouraging our sons' love of superheroes), but you live in pursuit of the real Happy Ending.
18.  You are not afraid of uncertainty.  Whether facing the Match, job prospects, new little ones or the many unknowns of life, you are unshaken because your faith rests in the One who knows the future and you are secure in Him.
17.  The way G-Bear reflects you.
16.  The way E-Bear reflects you.
15.  The way Buddy Bear reflects you.
14.  The way J-Bear reflects you.
13.  The way you love G-Bear.
12.  The way you love E-Bear.
11.  The way you love Buddy Bear.
10.  The way you love J-Bear.
9.  You have embraced fatherhood with a whole heart.
8.   You are a Southern gentleman, and you are teaching our sons to be gentlemen as well.
7.  My mom loves you.
6.  You miss me.
5.  You love me better everyday.
4.  You know me well.  Who else gets a perfect score on the pre-marriage "How well do you know your fiancé" exam?
3.  You know me well and you married me anyway.
2.  You pray.
1.  You love God first.  You always have, and I pray you always will.

And, one to grow on:

I love your age.  I have loved everyday that I have had with you so far, T.  I look forward to everyday ahead.

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B-Mama said...

Beautiful, Queen B!! Happiest birthday wishes to your lovable T!