Monday, November 16, 2015

Digital Hiatus

The time has come for Happily Ever Johnson to take a digital hiatus.

*Double Sigh*

A large part of my heart hopes that this hiatus doesn't last too long.  
Perhaps I'll renege on this decision by the New Year.
After all, I have many wonderful blessings and reflections from the Lord to celebrate here in Happily Ever Johnson Land. And, I am grateful and humbled by the way that our blog allows a window into our daily life and updates for beloved family members and friends.  


But, there are many demands on my time and attention these days, somehow, even more so now than during medical school, when I began our blog.  More than ever, I find I must give over my fleeting solitary time to sustaining prayer; a child who needs my attention; my adored, adoring husband; 
new responsibilities outside our home; or merciful sleep.  

Increasingly too, I feel convicted to observe that I model my computer and technology time well for my children.  I know that now, more than ever, technology is a temptation away from attentiveness to my children, our daily grind, duties and responsibilities.   I don't want to portray my attitude as one of anti-digitalism, but rather, in our increasingly technologically-obsessed culture, my attitude is pro-other things.  There are simply so many other, non-digital things that I want and need to be doing with my children.  I need to stop feeling guilty about that.  I need to stop feeling guilty about neglecting "the blog."

So, please forgive me that you won't find me on Facebook.


Forgive again that you can't text me on my phone.

*Guttural groan, plus eye roll*

And now, even a hiatus on the blog.

*Could I make myself any more remote?  Off the grid?  
Why not erect a wall around myself while I am at it??  Is this an outrage or what?!"

Forgive me again, even seventy times seven.

I will try to write it all down, what I would have written here.  But that reminds me of the final reason I am taking a break from the blog, one that I have seen more experienced parent friends wrestle with before me.  And that is this: increasingly I find that my reflections aren't appropriate for public domain.  They involve older children, private places in family life, wrestling reflections. There is still plenty that goes on in our Land that is fit to share!  But I can't write both stories.  I need to consolidate for the sake of time.

 Feel free to continue to leave comments here, as I will still receive and respond to them.  Thank you, Lord, for all the thoughts and prayers that have come our way from friends and family members who have checked in on us through this blog over the years.  Hopefully, we will be back soon.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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