Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Moments

August has been a sweet month for us.  Far from dull 'Dog Days' of summer, the weather has been glorious and we have enjoyed every moment of being back home and soaking up time together.  With the Littlest Bear joining us and our long trip in July, this summer has gone by especially fast.  The kids are enjoying time together so much and so am I, which is the pay back of so much hard parenting work for me and both discipline and loving relationships on the part of the kids.  I don't feel remotely ready to say goodbye to our family summer days, but the calendar says change must come all the same.

Here is a glimpse into our days this month.  

Learning Time mornings  
(cursive for G-Bear, reading for E-Bear, letters for Buddy Bear, 
math review for everyone, and a little piano sprinkled in)

Painting on the deck,
(the pictures are, clockwise from the left:
Field of Poppies, by G-Bear; Go Bama, by E-Bear; Stained Glass Window, by E-Bear;
Orange Flower, by G-Bear; Yellow Rain, by Buddy Bear; Jungle, by Buddy Bear;
Nighttime, by J-Bear; Sunshine, by J-Bear; and Blue Flower by G-Bear)

Nelsons with Daddy,
(the kiddie scoops are so big, our whole family splits only three!)

Playing Spud at the park with the boys,

Daily Walks to the quad to climb trees or ride bikes,

Picnic lunches on the quad with books to read,

Watching the Littlest snooze in his bouncer in the kitchen during breakfast each day,

Trips to the library to get Magic Tree House CDs and books,

Watering the garden of tomatoes and cantaloupes,

Coloring at the art table in pjs,

making forts in the basement with leftover boxes,

being builders, playing dress-up,
(a space rocket and its launch pad)

a visit to the cabin and rainy day face paint,

reading More Paddington Bear and Uncle Wiggly
and nightly walks around the block when T gets home.

Could it be possible that each summer really does get sweeter?  

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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