Monday, July 7, 2014

Fabulous Fourth

What a crew!
What a Fourth!

This Fourth of July we were up at MoMo and Papa's cabin.  My Seattle cousins were also visiting with their children -- more cousins for the Bear crew to enjoy!  So many treats were in store.

The biggest project of the week was the arrival of a new playset. 
Cousins R and K and T worked overtime to put it together for the kids.  
There were many pieces.....

...but they were undaunted by the task and persevered. 
What a treat it was for the kids to wake up to the completed swing set!

Uncle C was also in attendance, having traveled all the way from Arizona for the holiday weekend.
As always, he was the cool uncle, arriving with fireworks for the crew to enjoy on the night of the Fourth.  In MN, our fireworks are pretty tame because of the laws banning large fireworks for private use.  But, the kids thought each one was better than the next.

 There was always great anticipation as Uncle C announced the name of the firework and lit the fuse.
A hush inevitably fell over the crowd.

But the squeals of delight were unmistakable!  They loved each one more than the last.

The weather was lovely, so of course we spent plenty of time down the path at the dock.

Aunty Cindy's paddle boat was a favorite, especially when Papa played "Good-bye and Good Riddance!" 

On Sunday the boys joined T and me for a paddle boat ride across the lake to the other shore.  It was a gorgeous day and the water was so blue.  The boys and I just had to slip in and swim to shore at the end!  Papa jumped off the dock to meet us out in the deep water.  The boys were so delighted.  What fun!

In the end, this crew went home exhausted, filled full of s'mores, dilly bars and lots of wonderful memories of a special week.  God, thank you for these special days.  Bless America and our families this Fourth of July.

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