Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Joys of Our Advent

Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent!  Christmas is almost here!

As we light our fourth Advent candle today, I am tremendously thankful for the past week and all the blessings within it.

Gaudate Sunday

Gaudate Sunday was truly a joyful day for us.  Our dear Buddy Bear was baptized at our new parish!

Buddy Bear did a great job with all the attention he received.  We were so blessed to have all grandparents, Uncle C and Aunty Cindy present, as well as loving godparents praying for him from afar.  His siblings looked on with excitement, especially delighted that he was given a baptism candle like theirs.

Afterwards, MoMo and Papa hosted everyone to brunch to celebrate!  We toasted "our new creation," Nana's arrival and the wonderful Advent season so far.  It was a Gaudate Sunday we'll remember for a long time.

A Visit from Nana
Nana arrived last weekend in time for E-Bear's birthday.  We have been in heaven ever since.  I can't think of a better Christmas gift for our family.
Nana reading to the cousins during our Christmas reunion.
With Nana in town, I have been able to enjoy Mass alone each morning this week (after dropping G-Bear to school, and while the boys enjoy staying home).  The kids have enjoyed prolonged story times and afternoon games of Candy Land and Sequence.

We have gone ice skating, parade-watching, and T and I have even enjoyed a night out together.   Every meal is special, every moment more like Christmas with Nana in our house.

Christmas Cookie Baking Day
On Wednesday, the kids and I continued our annual tradition of baking Christmas cookies!  The traditional rules still applied, which made it sane and manageable for everyone involved.  

The kitchen was filled with fun and laughter as we rolled the dough, cut the shapes, baked the cookies, and finally frosted and decorated them.  Again this year, Smarties made an appearance on a few cookies,

 and if you look carefully you might see a Lightning McQueen cookie shape, although we agreed they were harder to identify once baked. :)  

Truly, this has become one of my favorite Advent afternoons.  The delicious cookie creations are always a nice reward, but the best part is watching the kids work so hard to make them.

Last School Days
E-Bear and G-Bear had a wonderful final week at school.  
G-Bear's class visited our parish's nativity to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus as part of a school Birthday party they hosted in His honor.  
G-Bear with her kinder class, singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
E-Bears preschool class impressed all the parents at their Christmas program. He and his buddies sang his heart out in renditions of Christmas songs, complete with jingle bell necklaces!  Afterwards, a surprise visitor made a special appearance, and we all enjoyed Christmas cookies.  

What more could we ask for?  We are ready for Christmas!  
May the blessing of these holy days be with you and your family.

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